ISIS Releases Pricelist For Christian Slaves


ISIS had just release a document showing the tariffs it sets to control the price to sell Yazidi and Christian women. The abducted children as young as one-year-old to nine years old is being sold for 200,000 dinars - the most expensive of all the captured women. A displaced child from minority Yazidi sect, fleeing violence from forces loyal to Islamic State in Sinjar town, rests as she makes her way, on the outskirts of Sinjar mountain, near the Syrian border town of Elierbeh of … [Read more...]

The Science of “Genetic Entropy” – The End of Evolutionary Theory?

Given Pope Francis' recent comments regarding evolution, I thought it would both wise and helpful to speak about genetic entropy. For those of us who have kept our faith in light of the onslaught by humanistic evolutionary beliefs, we are currently being rewarded by a field of biological science - specifically in the area called¬†#geneticentropy . In brief, genetic entropy measures the mutation rates (entropy) in DNA. One consequence of studying the mutation rate of DNA allows one to … [Read more...]

Christian couple burnt alive on accusation of blasphemy in Pakistan

Kasur, Punjab: November 4, 2014. (PCP) A pregnant Christian woman named Shama Bibi and her husband named Shahzad Masih were burnt alive in Brick Kiln by a Muslim mob on allegations of blasphemy at 7; 00 Am here today. Shahzad Masih aged 36 along with his wife and four children was working as brick kiln workers for living in Chack number 59, near Kot RadaKishan, in Kasur district of Punjab province of Pakistan after migrating from his native village.On early morning of November 4, … [Read more...]

False Teachers with the Christian Church


Sadly some Christian writers, like their counterparts during the cold-war era, are seizing upon the geopolitical situations currently taking place in various parts of the world to force their preconceived beliefs onto end time prophecy¬†. The following is a map recently put up by Armageddon News on FaceBook regarding their belief that Turkey will be the seat of the Antichrist based on a single verse in the Old Testament, - Micah 5 - which they badly translate as the Assyrian king Tiglath Pileser … [Read more...]

Two-Thirds of Young Muslims in Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia and Pakistan Support Unifying All Muslim Countries into Caliphate

  Prophetic scripture tells us that Daniel's fourth "beast" or empire will be a reunited Islamic Empire (Dan 9). The prophet Ezekiel tells us that a reunited Islamic Empire will invade modern Israel in a feeble attempt at annihilating the Jewish state in the infamous War of Gog and Magog (Eze 38, 39) - the next prophetic event to take place. All of which makes a recent poll taken by the BBC which found that two-thirds of young adults in Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia and Pakistan support a … [Read more...]